Old news about correspondence

I know this is a late entry but I just now got the blog site up and running. Last week (almost two weeks now), I flew to The Bahamas on the company plane to our property on Grand Bahama Island at the West End. The reason for my visit was to install and setup some servers for one of our offices in Freeport. When I got back, a sort through my snail mail revealed an envelope from my sister.
When I opened this envelope a very nice surprise almost fell out onto my lap. The contents included various size pictures of my niece, Sierra, and my nephew, Gage, and pictures of the family. Also included was a separate envelope from Sierra that included some artwork of hers on the front and back of the envelope and inside.
I have to tell you, after the week I had, receiving this envelope from my sister and, more specifically, my niece made my exhausting week seem so worth it just to get to that point. Words cannot describe how happy it made me feel to see those pictures and a “correspondence” from Sierra.
Yes, these days, email is the most common form of communication among family and friends but snail mail like that has a more personal feel to it that touches the senses so much more. It’s more personal, don’t you think?
For those of you who really know me are probably thinking, “Ed? Prefers snail mail?” Well, yes, but only if it’s mail like that. I may be a tech geek however I realize a greeting card, or personalized mail from a 4 year old, will never be substituted.