A Macbook, at last

I did it. I got it. I finally bought my Macbook.
As you know from a previous post, I sacrificed my comic book collection, almost 15 years worth, just to buy a Macbook. Unfortunately circumstances arose which forced me to give up a majority of those funds to doctors.
Well, I received my company Christmas bonus last Friday and decided to spend some of it on my long awaited dream. I’ve been wanting to buy a Macbook for quite a few months and while shopping the Apple site I found something affordable, a refurbished Macbook section. As most of you know, buying a refurbished product is sometimes a gamble but thorough testing, and a good warranty, from the manufacturer normally comes with it. The main reason I decided to buy a refurbished Macbook was because of the price, $999, more than $700 less than the price I would pay for non-refurbished.
I got a deal. I received it yesterday in pristine condition. Not a scratch or ding visible nor any major flaws existed.
My next step is to sell my Mac Mini, my first Mac, that I purchased back in the spring. With the external hard drive and memory upgrade that I purchased for it, I hope to sell it on eBay for at least $700.