Goodbye, my lovely Mac Mini

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Well, I did it, I sold my Mac Mini on eBay. My first ever Mac that I owned for only 7 months. I had to sell. With the purchase of the new black Macbook, there was no need to keep it around. Besides, I really needed the money after my car problems at the end of December (see previous blog post).
The person who purchased my Mac Mini is getting a deal. He bought it for $700 that included the AppleCare warranty, an external 160GB external hard drive (called the miniStack because it stacked perfectly under the Mini), a Mac keyboard and wireless optical mouse. All a retail value of around $1000 he got for $300 less. No worries. I expected a loss, as one should on a used product.
But, I’m not sad, I have my Macbook to keep me happy. I can’t express enough how much I LOVE my Macbook. My only regret through all of this is I wish I had discovered the Macbook – more importantly the refurbished Macbook – at the time I was considering the purchase of the Mac Mini back in May. Adding $200 more to the purchase of the Mac Mini toward a Macbook instead would have saved me a lot of time and money.