Blogging with Windows Live Writer

Now I am currently typing from within Windows Live Writer. Already I see that I prefer this interface to Office 2007. Windows Live Writer (WLW) seems to be a much thinner client with all the tools necessary to compose my blog and publish it here to my WordPress site. The insertion of links and images is super simple.


The image above was taken from within Parallels which runs WIndows XP on my Mac. In it you can see what the interface of WLW looks like. All that I simply did, after completing a screenshot, was drag-and-drop the image into WLW and define the actions of the image. That simple. Although, since it is in beta, I did discover a bug during an attempted operation of clicking the Insert Picture button. When I selected the icon to insert that picture, I got an error message and was not allowed to complete the operation. Luckily the drag-and-drop feature worked.

I would have to say that if you are a Windows users and blog, this might be the tool for you. The best thing about it is that it is free compared to the $150 plus price tag that is placed on the Office 2007 product.

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