Do I have the part?

I just got back from my callback audition for Glengarry Glen Ross. I don’t know what to think other than I don’t feel positive that I have a part.
When I arrived at the theatre, I checked in, sat down and waited in the lobby with about 10 other guys, you could cut the tension in the air with a hot butter knife. Not long after 2:00 p.m., the director came out to invite us all into one of the auditoriums. We all listened to his speech about the play and he gave us a rundown of how the process would work. We all were paired and given scenes from the play from Act I of select conversations between two characters. Some of us got the same scene, and some got different scenes, each of us were supposed to act out both sides.
My partner and I got the scene of Moss and Aronow in the restaurant. While we waited for our turn, we both went over both sides of the short scene many times until we both were comfortable. After close to 45 minutes of studying our lines, it was our turn.
We entered the auditorium where we found the two directors seated at a table ready to take notes and two chairs in front of them for our use, if we decided to sit down. One of the directors informed us first what he wanted to see, he wanted me to be Moss first. We delivered the scene pretty well standing up, still working off of the scene sheet they gave us, but trying not to use it as much as possible. He then wanted us to reverse the roles in which I assumed the role of Aronow. After we delivered this roll reversal, he wanted us to do it again, but this time sitting down.
After we were done he simply thanked us and then proceeded to inform my partner to stay because he wanted my partner to deliver lines from the play of a different character.
I immediately left after thanking them not knowing what was next. I would have thought that if I was considered for a part in the play that they would have said something to me. Remember, I am new to this, I have never auditioned for a play before so I am extremely new to the procedures. However, I noticed that while we were waiting for our turn in the lobby that the other gentlemen that went before us were also leaving immediately after their turn. So, by viewing this example, I can only assume that they will inform us at a later time after studying all performances.
I really hope I get the part.


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