Twitter motion

After, actively, using Twitter for a few days now, I have to say that I am getting a little annoyed at it’s slow motion loading. Browsing this site during the day is completely unbearable, especially during the weekday. Yes, I know I shouldn’t be paying attention to the traffic of this site when I should be working but, like now, when I am at lunch and want to see what some of the people on my Friend list are doing, it’s hideously slow. I guess everyone is doing exactly what I’m trying not to do, use Twitter while they are at work since it seems that is when the site is slow, during the normal business weekday.
If the guys at Twitter hope to see this (free) service more successful, I recommend they add more servers and more bandwidth. Otherwise everyone may start to consider doing what I am beginning to contemplate, to not even bother anymore with it and just stick with regular instant message through the popular messenger clients and/or email.


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