New toy or tool?

I broke down and bought a Samsung Blackjack through Cingular on Friday. I had the Motorola Black Razr and I thought it was time for a new phone. There were quite a few things I didn’t like about the Razr, even though it was actually a good phone and, more importantly, compact. Luckily, despite the fact that I am still within my two year contract, Cingular still allowed me to upgrade to the Blackjack.
So far, I am pretty impressed. I had a little frustration with the Bluetooth connection to my MacBook to transfer files and such but I finally figured it out, it just took some self-training…and actually reading the manual. Go figure.
One of the features that is included on the Blackjack is a pretty slick video camera that I may use to post a video blog to next as a test. I may also keep this blog posted, and you readers (if I actually have readers), of my experiences with the Blackjack.


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