Beautiful Day in the Kingdom

Today was a very unusual day in Central Florida, weather wise. A cold front moved in so fast that is was extremely nasty and rainy in the morning then turned practically cloudless and beautiful by 2:00 p.m. It was truly gorgeous. A day that I dream could be the typical day in Central Florida every day of the year. 75 degrees, sunny with a nice, cool wind and no humidity.
Since the weather was so wonderful, my roommate and I decided to hang out at Disney’s Animal Kingdom for the afternoon. As many times as I have been there, it never gets old. I am continually amazed at the wild life Disney is able to keep at the park. But remember, it’s “notazoo”
Some pictures from the park. The first three were taken with my Samsung Blackjack as a straight upload to Tumblr.


1 thought on “Beautiful Day in the Kingdom”

  1. Nice. Some people were stuck in the Orlando airport for about 4 hours waiting for a flight that couldn’t land because of the craptastic wind. Hope you had a fun day.

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