Theme parks – Why we love em

It shocking to see the rise in price of the theme parks these days. I’ve lived in the City of Theme Parks for many years now and have watched the steady climb in admission to the parks. It wasn’t long ago that I remember that a fun filled day at Disney’s MGM Studios was less than $55. Now, they will not allow you entry, if you live outside of the state of Florida, for less than $65. It cost $67 now for non-Florida residents. Almost $70! I’m sorry but I think that is just outrageous.
Even so, we still pay, and those companies that offer that entertainment know that we will pay, no matter the cost. I bet that if they charged $85, the majority of the world would still pay to see what the theme park companies have to offer.
But, I have to say, despite the ridiculous price, they know how to sell fun.
Yesterday, some visiting friends of mine spent a good 12 hours of park hoping Walt Disney World. It was a blast. We first started at Animal Kingdom, rode a couple of rides, saw some exotic animals, and left for MGM Studios. While at MGM Studios, we rode more rides, watched a street improv show, took a wacky Star Wars picture of ourselves, then left for EPCOT. Since the day was waning quickly, we only had time to watch the spectacular fireworks show at EPCOT before it closed. From EPCOT, we hopped on a monorail and headed for the Magic Kingdom, being the only park that stayed open the latest – it closed at midnight. Many rides were ridden in our two hour stay and ended with many points scored on the Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, and a small dent in the credit card.
Yet I realize, while typing this, that its not just fun that is sold at these parks; its also memories. Its these treasures that can’t be sold or stolen from us. Its these treasures that we lock up and store in the back of our mind to pull out and gaze at, subconsciously, again in 5, 20, even 50 years down the road to place smiles on our faces again and again at the times that we may need it the most.


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