You scream, I scream, we all scream for ustream

It’s the latest upcoming technology with social networking in mind. It’s called
I heard about it on the TWiT podcast a couple of weeks ago and decided to sign up for an account this week. The goal was to use it in conjunction with Talkshoe for The Unique Geek podcast that I participate in. Every other week we record the podcast and post it live on Talkshoe for the world to listen to live. I figured it would be kind of neat for The Geeks (usual cast on The Unique Geek podcast) that had a web cam to also use to post us live visually to go along with the live audio. Note: You can download our podcast via our site, Talkshoe and iTunes.
The sign up of was super simple. Since I use a MacBook, it took some extra Flash configuration in the settings to get my built-in iSight camera to work. However, I want to point out that there seemed to be some extra configurations needed for one of The Geeks using a Windows machine too (we never got it working in time for the show), so don’t be slamming on the Mac, you Apple haters.
After we got things working, I embedded the stream on a web page from my site and got it working. I took a short video clip of the streaming site using my Blackjack. See:

[quicktime width=”320×240″ height=”320×240″][/quicktime]

The technology of is wonderful and has huge potential. Not only do you see a live feed but you also have the option to inlcude audio. It’s fantastic.
The only problem is I have a feeling that, despite the current phase of being beta and free, they may start charging to use the service. I get this impression because looking in my profile I see a My Payments section that could only be used for tracking, well, ones payments for the service. We’ll see.
Since it is in beta, there are the occasional quirks and issues but I am sure the developers are still trying to fine tune everything to get it all smooth.
I hope they do not start charging. It’s a very cool service.
If you want to check in on me every now and then, I will be streaming here.


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