I’ve noticed the past year or so the accumulation of all things zombies. I’ve always loved zombie movies since the first time I saw Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video in the early 80’s and it only intensified when Return of the Living Dead came out.
But recently, I have been sucked into the flow of the new fad and have fallen in love with a tile-based game called Zombies!!! by Twilight Creations, Inc.
The pieces of the game are a stack of tiles that, when placed, form the roads of a town with buildings and intersection entrances; a stack of event cards used to foil your opponent or give yourself a boost to gain the advantage; miniature zombies (male, female, glow-in-the-dark, & dogs) for battling; two dice for movement and battling zombies; bullet and life pieces used to kill zombies and stay alive.
The rules: Each person in their turn have to place a tile, role the dice for movement in the spaces in those tiles and as they are placed battle any zombies that get in their way. Rolling the dice for battle is as follows: 1-3 means damage to yourself in which you can use your bullet pieces (3 given at the beginning of the game with the chance during movement to obtain more) to kill the zombie or a life piece (3 given at the beginning of the game with the chance during movement to obtain more up to 5) to stay alive for another chance to kill the zombie. 4-6 on dice means the zombie is killed in the first shot. The goal of the game is to either kill 25 zombies or reach the helicopter pad tile placed randomly at the bottom of the tile pile. At any point during the game a person can die by using up all their bullets and lives and return to the beginning (town square) with half their conquered zombies taken away. However, there are certain zombie filled stores in town that have lives and bullets to acquire, as long as you kill those zombies that get in your way.
It’s a super-fun game and I have enjoyed it immensely every time I have played it. So far, I have only played the core game and the third expansion (takes place in a mall instead of town, even though you can include the town). The last time I played it was with some friends visiting from New York a few weeks back and, being a complete dork, decided to record our game session. The game can take as long an hour or longer. The game we played took close to 2 hours (if I remember correctly). The following clip takes place at the last few minutes of our game. Simon had just sent me to town square for a second time and only needed to kill three zombies, with one bullet and four lives, to get to the helicopter pad to win the game. Monica is right behind him.
Watch the 3 minute video:


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