New car

I purchased a car today. It was something I desperately needed.
For the past couple of weeks I have been having issues with losing coolant in my 1998 Isuzu Rodeo. It was the worst time to start being an issue as I need to go on a road trip to Atlanta for Dragon*Con (a typical yearly adventure) at the beginning of September for Labor Day weekend. I took the Rodeo to the mechanics last weekend and the news was grim. They stated I had a cracked head (or was it a head gasket? I forget); a repair cost of more than $1000, possibly $2000.
Being that the car was so old and needed more than just repairs on the head, I decided it was time to trade it in.
Because of time restraints, as I was supposed to leave for my trip on Thursday, I decided to take today off to shop for a car. As soon as the local Carmax dealership was open at 10:00 am, I made my way toward it’s entrance. I had been browsing on their web site so I sort of knew what I wanted to look at immediately. As soon as I entered I told the salesman that I wanted to look at a grey 2006 Mazda 3 and a green 2003 Honda Accord LX. He first showed me the Mazda, which was nice but was not so good on gas mileage. He then directed me to the Honda which was love at first sight, and a perfect fit with the gas mileage.
We took it for a test drive and I knew even before the drive that I wanted that car. Everything was perfect about it. It had low mileage (30k), power windows, power locks, cruise control, the works. I didn’t need to look around any longer.
We worked on the financing, the trade-in for the Rodeo and all the paperwork to get me rolling home in the Honda.
Pictures are posted here:

Honda pictures

I was able to get a car in time for my trip tomorrow. Everything worked out well. I stressed over nothing.
Now I just need to get a iPod connector, like I had in my Rodeo, for the factory radio that I will be keeping.


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