Screamfest 2007

I love Halloween.
I attended the horror convention Screamfest held in Orlando this past weekend. It was the first time I had attended the convention. I had every intention of attending last year but life got in the way and never went.
It was fun. My good friend, Simon, from New York joined me in the adventure of wading through people in all black. It was relatively a small convention. One small room for vendors, a tattoo room, a couple of rooms for panels and the film festival and a room for the stars that were selling their autograph. I was actually on a mission to get Stephen Geoffreys (Evil Ed from Fright Night) autograph but he never showed. Instead, I got Pinhead’s autograph, Doug Bradley from Hellraiser.
Despite it being a convention that I would not consider large scale, it was worth the $25 I spent on admission. I got to spend time with a friend, mingle with some friendly strangers zombie.jpg, and happily ease further into the Halloween spirit.
Did I mention that I love Halloween?


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