Recording New York

I just finished editing the video I made of my New York trip from a couple of weekends ago. I am such an amateur. Watching the video during the editing process almost made me sick from dizziness. I was out of control; the video was shakey and totally fast on the panning of everything I wanted to record in Manhattan. I have got to be more conscience of the recording and how it will be viewed once it is on DVD and screening on the television.
Chelby went with me this time to visit the Big Apple. Like last time, Simon was a generous host and allowed us lodging in his Brooklyn apartment. It was a total good time. Chelby had been to New York before with old friends from work (who live in New Jersey now) but only briefly and was not able to enjoy the many sites and residential experiences I had experienced so many visits before. We did a lot of shopping at vintage stores in Brooklyn and visited all the typical Manhattan stores that so many tourist experience. We tried to see Mary Poppins and The Lion King on Broadway, but we waited too late for both and was not able to get any good seats for Mary Poppins and The Lion King was sold out for many days.
After the first two days of shopping and rainy weather, our last day there was flat out perfect. Blue skies, 60 degrees and activities that did not involve shopping. We visited Central Park to check out the Central Park Zoo. Afterward, we made our way through Central Park toward The American Museum of Natural History. By evening time, we had walked a few good miles that also included the many floors of the museum. As I stated, it was a perfect day.
When the day arrived that we were flying out toward home, I was not happy. I hadn’t noticed until after we landed in Orlando that I was depressed. I honestly did not want to come back to Florida to the warm temperatures and mundane life. I did not want to leave the continuous excitement that is New York. Some day…some day I will call “the city that never sleeps” home.
I know one thing for sure, I will strive to be a better cameraman on my next visit.

Pictures from the trip


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