Baby, It’s Not Cold Outside

The weather for Christmas in Central Florida SUCKS!
Year after year, since moving to Orlando, I find that it is very difficult to get into the Christmas spirit when it is constantly 80 degrees outside. It’s not fun sweating to death putting up Christmas lights, even though you’re in shorts and a t-shirt.
Last year was the first time in many a Christmas that I was in the spirit only because I had took a few days off from work at the beginning of December to visit my friend in Brooklyn. The weather then was perfect for Christmas. It was in the 50’s during the day and freezing at night. It was wonderful to get bundled up in a coat and (for the first time ever for myself) a scarf to go into the city to see the tree at Rockefeller Center and the decorated windows on 5th Avenue. That is the way fall and winter and, more importantly, Christmas is supposed to be.
Why am I still in Florida?

[iTunes was playing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” by Sammy Davis Jr. & Carmen McRae while I was writing this.]


1 thought on “Baby, It’s Not Cold Outside”

  1. Same here in Tallahassee. I was running the A/C today, and wearing shorts yesterday. We had a few chilly days last week. That was nice.

    If it will cheer you up, I could mail you some ice cubes? 🙂


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