Battling Birds

I was on my way in to work today and saw the funniest, natural thing I think I have ever seen. I believe a lot of it has to do with my imagination running away but it’s still funny.
Check out this photo closely (click):


It was taken at a small pond on the Celebration Golf Club green that was right next to the road. I noticed, in passing, the crowd of white birds on the right first; this, alone, was very distracting. Then, as I was traveling slowly down the road (since it is a residential area), I recognized that there was a crowd of different birds to the left facing the other birds. What is funnier that is not shown in this photo is at the time I first noticed the birds there were only two of the different birds in the middle facing each other at close range. The time of this photo snapshot took place about two minutes after my initial spotting of the congregation.
When I first saw this exhibition, I immediately imagined that there was some type of secret bird war about to take place in the early hours of the morning. Kind of like the scene in Braveheart where we see the English on one side and the Scottish on the other getting prepared for battle. However, in this scenario, we have some white birds, The White Streaks Clan, and some brown birds, The Brown Brawn Gang, getting ready for battle while their generals meet in the middle to discuss a possible surrender. The only thing that is missing is their shining armour and brandished swords.
It’s funny what you see in nature sometimes. It’s funnier what you can imagine when you are trying to keep your mind off of work on your way to work.


3 thoughts on “Battling Birds”

  1. Amazing snap! What sells is it is the parlay between the two representatives from each clan in the center. Amazing. I have seen this with cats. I was driving my special girl home to her suburb, and there were two clearly defined cat armies poised for battle on either side of the street. It was terrifying and beautiful. They looked at us like they were furious we had blundered upon their battlefield. You were at a safer distance for this war council.

  2. Thats pretty cool. I agree, its like their about to flip a coin before kick-off. Turf wars on the turf, nice. =)

  3. That is neat. I think you definitely stumbled onto an underground fowl event.

    Too bad the birds are so far away. I suppose they had to be to get the entire scene. This would make a great writing prompt. 🙂

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