I like warnings…a lot

I got pulled over by FHP on my way home from a friend’s house this evening. Due to the recent time change, the sun had not completely set yet but was dusk when I left. I had turned my parking lights on but did not realize, until 40 minutes later, and after the FHP pulled me over, that I had never turned my lights on when it got dark. Also, the FHP claimed I was doing 70 mph; I didn’t realize that either. When he pulled me over it was a bit of a shock because, at the time, I didn’t realize I had done anything wrong. I was driving right behind someone else so when he pulled me I was wondering why I was the one to be picked IF I was speeding. I mentioned this to him after he stated that I was speeding but he said that the car in front of me was going 65 and that I was pulling up pretty fast to the car. During the trip to my house I was listening to a podcast so I must have really been in a zone that I was not paying attention to my driving.
Luckily, with both infractions, he didn’t charge me but gave me a warning. If he would have charged me for both, the ticket would have been over $400.


3 thoughts on “I like warnings…a lot”

  1. Wow, that’s amazing you only got a warning. Lucky guy. I guess if it’s been closer to the end of the month it might have been a different story.


  2. I hate you. I never get a freaking warning. I was speeding, and the guy said I was doing 87, but there was no way. I was following this guy that was going about that fast, but I was doing maybe 79 or 80.

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