Work n’ the eagles

The company I have been working for the past five years had a segment on NBC Nightly News last night. It was regarding our CEO working with the Audubon Society to help preserve an eagle’s nest in Port St. Lucie. What is cool is that we setup a web cam to stream on the Audubon’s site so that when the eagle is actually in the nest, starting around October through the spring, you can watch nature take it’s course and the baby eagles are hatched and raised.

What is even cooler than that is that I had a small part in this project. No, not the laying of the eggs or the raising of the babies but the web cam itself. When our company started working with Audubon a little over two years ago, I was responsible for building the server, installing the web cam software, and setting up the streaming through Windows Media Server service on the server. A vendor was responsible for installing the wireless web cam on top of a post pointing at the nest and the network engineers in my department were responsible for all the network support to get the wireless camera working.

Here is the video segment from NBC:



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