Virgin golf

I am no longer a virgin…at golf. My brother-in-law and his dad took me out to play golf in St. Augustine yesterday, it was my first time playing. I didn’t really know what I was doing so having those two around to give me pointers helped out tremendously. Before last fall, I never thought I would ever play golf.
Here’s the deal. I grew up in a house where golf is looked down on and the only real sport that really mattered was football, which is all well and good. I love football. However, being raised to, technically, hate golf I never had the ambition to really try it out. Well, last fall my brother-in-law introduced me to playing golf on the Wii. It’s nothing like the real golf but the basics and the motion of swinging the club are still present in the Wii virtual version of golf. This new experience gave me the bug to actually want to play the game. So, I decided to buy some clubs and take some lessons. A co-worker of mine so happen to be selling his clubs with a nice bag including golf balls and tees for $50. Sold! The next step was to take some lessons.
I found a place near where I work that offers a really good deal at lessons, I just haven’t gotten off of my lazy butt to take them yet. So, since I knew it would be a while before I would take lessons I decided to go ahead and try a game with these guys.
It was fun. I realize there is still a lot to learn but I still have the bug and want to get better at the game, which I realize will be a never ending battle. However, now that I have played gives me more incentive to take lessons. I’m signing up next week.


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