Wildlife galore

Yet, again, a post about my neighborhood. I took this picture this morning as I was exiting my subdivision on my way to work. It’s kind of menacing. It’s something you think you would see in a post-apocalyptic movie.


If you can’t tell what it is, it’s a vulture. A very large vulture. Along with the (previously mentioned) peacocks, otters, hawks, and raccoons, there is an abundance of vultures in my area. So much it has become a huge eyesore. Everyday it is not uncommon to see a flock of 15 or more of these large Turkey vultures congregated on the side of the road or up in the trees. I often wonder if it is because of the new housing and business developments that has been ongoing since I moved to this area four years ago. I would think because of this it drives all the animals out of their habitat into the streets and under the wheels of heavy traffic. It’s a constant buffet for the vultures.

Sadly, this vulture was eying a baby raccoon that met its demise in the road.


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