Green Lantern PC Mod Sold

I did it and I didn’t think I would ever do it. I just sold my Green Lantern modded PC today to my friend Todd.


A lot of time, money and hard work was put into this amateur mod so I’m feeling a little bit of sadness now. I’m sure I will get over it.

I found there was no need to have it sitting around any longer since I had a powerful Dell XPS gaming machine sitting right next to it rarely being used. So, now that the mod is no longer in use, the Dell machine will be me my main desktop machine. It frees up the needed space and saves electricity. I’m sure I could have upgraded all the parts in the modded PC to be just as powerful as the Dell XPS, but there really is no point.

Here is an old web site I keep around showing the created process of the PC mod.

Next step, selling my 250 CD collection as it is also just sitting around collecting dust. All my music is on three different hard drives in MP3 format. I haven’t touched a single CD in my collection in over two years.


3 thoughts on “Green Lantern PC Mod Sold”

  1. Good luck selling your cds. Ebay is a terrible source as there are former DJs online selling their collections and trolling for new collections they don’t want to pay anything for.

    Speaking of paying nothing music stores are great of shoving empty cd cases up your ass on your way out of the store after taking advantage of you for the last 30 minutes.
    “Sorry this only rings up as 50 cents.”
    “Really. But you have a exact copy of that cd in the shelf now with a 10 dollar sticker on it.”
    “Yes. That’s why it’s 50 cents. We already have a copy. If we didn’t it would be 51 cent. Besides you’re a desperate drunk looking to make some quick cash, and I doubt these cds are even yours. So take the 5 dollars for 60 cds you brought in and get the hell out of the store. You’re upsetting my hippie cool customers.”

    Or so I’m told that’s how the process goes when selling cds at a music store.

    So I wouldn’t bother with those jerks. Sell them to me. I’ll give ya 25 bucks for them all. 😎

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