Unemployment Line Starts Here

Today was the last day of my five year tenure at The Ginn Company a.k.a. Ginn Clubs and Resorts.

Old Business Card


As some of you know, back in March I was informed by management that my job (Systems Engineer in the IT department), along with one other in my department and all of Help Desk, was going to be outsourced. I was given the date of June 27th as my last day of being a Ginn employee.

Well, I went into work today at my normal time, my boss followed an hour later and told me, as he passed my desk, that there really was no need to stay the rest of today or come back tomorrow, he was granting me the rest of the time off. He continued by offering his gratitude for my professionalism, hard work and dedication and finished with goodbyes. I then made my goodbye rounds to the rest of the office, seeing a few wet eyes along the way, and exited the building.

Even though tomorrow was supposed to be the beginnings of unemployment, I get an early start today to prepare. However, preparation is not on my agenda at this time. Monday morning I fly out to New York for my acting adventure (see previous post) and return on the 7th of July. It will then be on the 8th that I start sending out my resume and browsing the job sites for openings.

Thanks to Ginn, I have a severance that will hold me over for a few weeks until I can get back on my feet in the corporate world.

Wish me luck!


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