Witch Prison scenes

Even though the buzz has come close to sizzling out, I finally got around to editing the video, I recorded of the show, of just my scenes. I wish I could post the entire play but it would be kind of difficult to do so of an hour and a half length movie on any site. Sure, I could do it on Vimeo, in 20 minute chunks, but it would be very time consuming. Also, my recording isn’t the best of quality. There was another recording of the last show in HD, but it hasn’t be distributed to the actors yet.

A brief summary of the play, as best as I can: A young witch, sister of The Dry-Eyed Widow, has been admitted into The Ginger House, a prison for witches ruled by the Wardlock – a warden type character with powers of a warlock who loves imported coffee. A private investigor, Sam Fleming, and his secretary, Diana Huntress, were hired by The Dryed-Eyed Widow, Dame Rebecca Eveningstar, to investigate The Ginger House and her sister’s occupancy at the witch prison.

That is a very brief summary of the play, there is so much more to it than that. I just wanted to give that much information so that you will get the gist of the following clips.

Act 1 Scene 5 – This scene takes place at City Hall where Sam and Diana are trying to talk Fergus and Cillian, two police detectives, into helping them get into The Ginger House.

Act 3 Scene 7 – Takes place in a cemetary where two witches, Violet and Tabitha, have escaped from The Ginger House and are hiding out. Fergus and Cillian are showing Diana a good time on their date at the cemetary where they discover something peculiar is going on, besides the aftertaste of bat wax.

Act 3 Scene 9 – The Dry-Eyed Widow, Dame Rebecca Eveningstar, has cast a spell of confusion on Sam (“that old black magic…”) in which Sam finds she is simply irresistible by all. Enter Fergus, Cillian and Diana flabbergasted at what their eyes can’t seem to believe.


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