Tripping Again

I’m taking a trip for the second time this month. Today I fly off for Richmond, Virgina to visit my cousin, who lives in a “military” town outside of Richmond, for a few days. This will be the second year in a row that I have seen him, the most in over ten years.

See, my cousin, 1st Sergeant Scott, is in the Marines and has served our country for over 15 years having been in the first Gulf War and made two tours in the second Gulf War; I’m very proud of him and grateful to him for his service. In between he has been bouncing around the east coast at different military bases and been in other countries, so he hasn’t had the luxury of being able to make Christmas visits to Grandma’s house too often for me to see him. But, now that he is back for good, for now, and settled in Virginia, I thought it would be neat to take the time to visit him and hang out while I’m still unemployed.

He’s an avid golfer so hopefully we will be playing quite a bit of golf while I am there. I’m not sure what else there is to do in that area since I can’t see it as a tourist destination, which is actually a relief being that I live in a tourist town. Whatever is planned, I am sure it will be a good time hanging with my cuz.

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