Dog Days

It’s 5:00 in the morning now as I type this having been awake for the past two hours. I have these phases quite often so it’s nothing new to me. Sometimes I go back to sleep, and sometimes I don’t. It’s one of those quirks in life for me. Most of the time, during these phases, I just read whatever book I am working on to help me go back to sleep. But this morning, while trying to go back to sleep, I had some things on my mind. Sometimes they can be some pretty strange thoughts, which can easily happen when you are delirious.

One was the thought of the month of August. First of all, how it was already here. It’s really true what they say about getting older, how time disappears. It seems just like yesterday I was celebrating Christmas with my family. It’s hard to believe that fall and college football is just around the corner (Thank God!). Second thought – and this is the strange one – was how worthless the month of August is. Really. I was thinking, for me, there is absolutely nothing special about August. No holidays, no birthdays of friends or family, no good summer movies since most of them are released between April and the end of July, and it’s always hotter than hell. I wish there was a way to get rid of August and make the summer shorter so that the cooler months (and college football) could get here sooner. I’m sure as a child I would have a different sentiment since that would mean school would arrive sooner but as an adult who hates summers in Florida, and has more to look forward to in the fall, I absolutely hate August.

What’s your opinion? Don’t you agree that August is the worst month of the twelve? Which month do you hate, if not, and why?


2 thoughts on “Dog Days”

  1. I hate February. February in MN is fucking bleak. If the temp gets above 32 F we are LUCKY. I would gladly trade locations with you.

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