Hudson River Spray

Today wasn’t really a productive day in New York, but we still had fun. As soon as we got into Manhattan around noon, we immediately went to the Empire State Building to go up to the observatory at the top. Unfortunately, we decided not to participate since it was an hour wait. Instead, we took a taxi over to Pier 16 on the east side of the island at South Street and Fulton to take a one hour boat tour, called Circle Line, that takes you up the Hudson River, past Ellis Island and around up past Manhattan Bridge and back. As part of the tour, they even show you the current man made public art waterfalls along the East River. It was a pretty good time; highly recommended for any tourist visiting New York.

After, we decided to go back to the Empire State Building to see if the line had gotten shorter, it had not. By the time we discovered this it was dinner time, so we ate and headed to Time Square. We didn’t spend a whole of time there as we were pretty exhausted being that we had been up since 4:00 this morning. So, we turned in for the night and made plans for a long day tomorrow.

I’m still up now only because it’s a little more difficult for me to settle in before 10:00 p.m; Chelby and her nephew were already asleep by 9:30. However, my eyes are growing heavy now; it’s time for Slumberland.

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