It’s Almost Here

I know most of you that read my blog could care less about this but I am getting excited.Dell Inspiron Mini 9 I updated my site to the right (for LiveJournal readers, the counter is on my main site – see link above) to include a countdown timer to when I will receive my Dell Mini 9. Once I receive it, I plan on posting a video entry of the unboxing and use of the item, then, possibly, a review.

I think the main reason why I am so excited is because I have had to wait over a month to receive the darn thing. My patience has been tried. If you don’t know me well, then you should know that I have absolutely no patience. So, it’s been agonizing to wait for such a cool product. Also, I really can’t wait to do this: Dell Mini 9 OS 10.5 Hack

October 14th will be like Christmas. I may even take the day off from work, decorate the Halloween tree and put out the witch’s stockings.


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