It’s Here – Dell Mini 9

I received the Dell Mini 9 one day earlier than expected. The original ship date was the 13th with an arrival date of the 14th, but, due to reasons unknown it was shipped earlier. I’m not complaining.

I stated in previous post that I would post a video of the unboxing of the product. I did record it but it was unuseable footage that I couldn’t post. However, I do have a video that can be posted that shows, briefly, the netbook and the Ubuntu user interface of the new flavor called Ubuntu Netbook Remix.

I even found a video online that has a good video substitute of the unboxing of the Dell Mini 9, if you really wanted to see it.

I am typing this post on the Mini 9 now and so far I have to say that I really like it. The keyboard is a little something to get used to since I seem to keep bumping the very sensitive trackpad with my thumbs so the cursor keeps orienting itself someplace else as I type. And the position of some of the keys are a little different from your standard keyboard so I will need to relearn some things as I type, but those are no big deals, it just means a change of habits.

Update (10/13/08 20:20): Something interesting I noticed that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense on Dell’s behalf. I ordered the 16GB SSD drive to go with the machine. They, for some reason, created a 8GB partition to install everything on which gave me a little bit over 1GB of available space and left an unalocated 11GB partition just sitting there doing nothing. I ended up installing Gparted, created a 11GB partition and mounted the drive. Now I have 12GB available.
Eventually, I just may blow the thing away and start over and partition it correctly.
There’s some crazy stuff going on over there at Dell.


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