Night Shuttle Launch

I know it is a little overdue but I thought I would post a video I took of the shuttle launch from last Friday. I recorded this from my front yard using a Canon miniDV camcorder. On a night like this, I wish I had an HD camcorder because the quality would have been so much better. It would have been closer to what I saw with my eyes; a gorgeous view of the shuttle flying brightly with the full moon in the background.



2 thoughts on “Night Shuttle Launch”

  1. Good music for this video.

    When you pick up your HD camera get a tripod as well. And fix the focal length so the image doesn’t blur in and out. I like the rapid close up but the video was more impressive when you could see the entire scene at once.

    I didn’t realize you lived so close to the Cape.

    Next time they do a launch you better have HD video! 8^)

    Thanks for sharing. Well done. (seriously tripod)

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