Employee Reduction Bullet Time

I don’t normally like to blog about work but what happened today shouldn’t go unmentioned.

We all have been hearing about corporate layoffs around the country for the past month or so now; companies like Sun Microsystems laying off 6,000, Palm laying off over 1,000, AT&T laying off 12,000, and Yahoo laying off over 1,500. Well the company I work for can be added to the list. I’m not sure how many total employees were laid off, I just know that my entire team was let go today, except for me. I’m really bummed about it being that I am the only single male without a wife and children that was left with a job in my team. Another reason is because these guys I have been working with had been with the company for almost two years or more and know more about the environment, so you would think that I would be the one they cut, but that wasn’t the case. Apparently, the order was the last to hire was the first to fire. See, the other guys had been contractors since their inception into the company. When they hired me in October, I was hired as a full time exempt employee, whereas they were hired as full time exempt employees a week after I started. It’s something that I don’t completely understand but I have to find the grateful attitude somehow. It’s tough to see the brighter side of it and to be grateful when these other guys that have spent the past two months training me on the procedures of the company were released and I was not.

I guess you can say this is definitely the sign of the times and my time may not be far behind…again (*see Unemployment post). If things do not get better in the economy you, the reader, may be next also. I’m just saying is that we may not see the end of these woes for a long time.

The recommendation I can give to you is pray more, save, keep your resume updated, and your mind open to changes.


2 thoughts on “Employee Reduction Bullet Time”

  1. Here’s a question:

    If EVERYONE gets fired, who’s gonna pay the bills?

    No one will have a job and yet everyone still has expenses. So where does the money come from?

    A bigger question is where is the money going that isn’t being used to pay people to work? How come all the money seems to have suddenly dried up?

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