Lay Some Skin On Me

Being the tech/computer geek (dork) that I am, I bought myself an early Christmas present…actually, I bought it for a new friend, my Dell Mini 9. Since it is winter time, I thought it about time that I put some skin on my Mini 9 to keep it warm(er). I went to Skinit, looked for my device, and customized. I browsed their designs first but I couldn’t find anything that I liked. Then I saw that you can upload your own image for the customization and immediately smiled, I knew exactly what I wanted. I browsed my computer’s hard drive of Blade Runner images that I had collected over the years and found what I wanted. Uploaded, ordered, and $35 later, after shipment delivery, this is the finished product:

Dell Mini 9 with Blade Runner skin from skinit.comDell Mini 9 with Blade Runner skin from

When I first saw the skin before I applied it to my netbook I was a little upset that there was a hole in the middle that, once applied, would still display the Dell logo. I was hoping I could cover this up; not because I am ashamed it’s a Dell but because it would look totally lame to have a big Dell logo over Rick Deckard’s crotch. I called Skinit customer service to find out if I could return this to get one without the hole in the middle but due to their agreement with Dell that allows them to actually sell a customized skin for the Dell product, they could not send me one without the hole. However, after application, I have to say that I still dig it.

By the way, for those of you reading this that may not know me, I am a HUGE Blade Runner fan, hence the reason I chose a Rick Deckard silhouette.


2 thoughts on “Lay Some Skin On Me”

  1. Neat! I love the book the movie is based on (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep), but I’ve never seen the movie. Kinda makes me want to order it from Netflix.

    Nice skin!

  2. Yeah. The book is awesome but don’t expect the movie to be anything like it, just some of the book concepts. And, if you are a BR movie fan, don’t bother with the BR2 book, it bored me to tears.

    Thanks for the comment.

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