Minor updates

There hasn’t been a whole lot going on lately with my life, so this will be a short one.

I realized recently that I didn’t post about the new podcast that I participate in, and sometimes host, called Technical Difficulties. It’s a spin-off podcast of The Unique Geek podcast, another podcast I used to, and still on occasion, participate in. Technical Difficulties podcast usually revolves around recent tech news, but we also include a couple of segments for all listeners. The specific segments entitled Tech Breakdown and Tech Tip are usually on subjects where we explain certain technologies for the technically impaired and tips to help you survive this digital age.

So, please, go check us out at: http://www.techdiffpodcast.com/ You can either listen or download the episodes from our site or directly from iTunes.

Here is the most recent episode for your listening enjoyment, but please check out our site too:


Also, I just added a plugin to the site so that you can now subscribe to comments. Which means if you leave a comment on a post and select subscribe, you will receive an email notification when someone else post a comment thereafter. I’ve mentioned this before in previous post, but I still have the plugin enabled for leaving audio or video comments. So please don’t be afraid to leave me a audio or video comment.


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