Amazing Stories in the Twilight Zone

I’ve been reliving my childhood for quite sometime thanks to Netflix. For the past couple of years or so I’ve been renting 80’s shows like Miami Vice, The Greatest American Hero, and V: The Series. Some of those shows are really bad and I ask myself while re-watching them how I could have watched a show like that at the time. I just finished watching season 2 of Amazing Stories via the Netflix streaming and have thoroughly enjoyed it though. That entire series was just plain awesome. Yeah, there were a few cheesy episodes that only the 80’s could produce but overall the series still held up to today.
Check out this tubular promo I found on You Tube that will definitely flood you with nostalgia.

While I was watching the final season (unfortunately, Amazing Stories only lasted two seasons) it reminded me of another 80’s series of the same genre I had to checkout, the 80’s version of The Twilight Zone. Remember this?

It was one of my favorite shows at the time; unfortunately, Netflix only has season 1, so far. I remember during those years looking forward to Friday nights when this show used to air. Mom would usually just arrive home from the supermarket just before the episode would start which would ensure tasty treats and soda pop while I watched a thrilling episode. It was a magical time that produced wonderful memories today. I’m about halfway through the season and I am enjoying it all over again.

I just finished watching a pretty good episode I had to post on Vimeo. If you remember watching the show, it was an hour long but would have either two 20 minute episodes or sometimes one really long episode with a really short episode to help fill up the hour long slot. The video I posted is one of those short ones lasting only 8 minutes or so. It’s actually an episode I don’t remember seeing when it originally aired but really enjoyed watching this time around. It stars Sherman Hemsley and a very young Ron Glass. I think the main reason why I enjoyed this episode so much was the message it delivered at the very end. It’s witty but very true.

I hope Vimeo doesn’t pull it so try to watch it as soon as you can. Enjoy!

*Note: Pay attention to the Devil’s t-shirt throughout the episode.


3 thoughts on “Amazing Stories in the Twilight Zone”

  1. Ed,
    Thanks for the old Twilight Zone episode. I just rented all of “Night Gallery” in hopes of finding this episode, I had forgotten about the revival of TZ.
    All I remembered of it was that it had Sherman Hemsley and Ron Glass, and that the devil’s shirt kept changing. I had realized it about half way through the episode back in 198?, and have wanted to see it again, if only to read the different shirts, since that night. You have given me much pleasure, thanks. Domnic

  2. Glad I found this… I saw the “I of Newton” when it originally aired, but for years thought it was a story from “Amazing Stories” so couldn’t find it. 🙂

    Both were great shows… wish Amazing Stories season 2 would hurry up and come out.

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