EC Technology Consulting

It’s been a long time since I last posted so I thought I would give an update as to what has happened since I last posted. Surprisingly, I think this is the longest post gap since starting this blog.

To be honest, there really hasn’t been a whole lot that has happened since the last post. The only thing major to report is that I started my own business back in May to attempt to make some extra money on the side. This year’s economy has sucked so much that work has cut down on my hours since the beginning of the year so I had to start cutting a lot of cost in my life. The only problem is that cutting back didn’t really help out a lot; it helped but not so much that I’ve had my head way above water. I’ve been treading the water just fine but I’ve been close to nose deep so I started working on the side to get back to my comfort zone.

In May I started advertising my IT (Information Technology) services on Craigslist, and someone found me. A retail store in Winter Garden hired me to help them with the servers and point of sale computers in their environment. It was then that I decided it best to form a LLC. Thus begin EC Technology Consulting LLC.


Its actually taken me this long to get that logo and site setup. Thanks to a good friend of mine with the design talents to help me with the logo, EC Technology Consulting now has a stamp.

Now, I just need more clients to get the flow started. So far, it’s been an interesting experience having to be my own accountant and such but hopefully I can make this successful so that I can make some steady income on the side to help keep my head, comfortably, above water. The goal is just to keep it on the side, I don’t really want to make it a full time business, unless it develops  into something much bigger.

Pray for me and wish me luck.


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