Finally, I have an Android tablet

Well, I finally purchased an Android tablet. I’ve been on a search for a few months for an adequate Android tablet to read digital novels and digital comic books. Last summer I purchased a B&N Nook and absolutely love it, however it’s not the all-in-one device I have been looking for. When I want to read a digital comic book I’ve been having to read it on my Dell Mini 9 netbook. Last week I heard of a deal through Kohl’s that you can purchase the white 7″ Pandigital Novel ereader for $60. I was familiar with the product, it was not the best choice for an Android tablet out there and Kohl’s had previously been selling it for around $200. Since the price had dropped to $60 it was a deal I could not pass up for an inexpensive Android tablet that I could test the waters with, and hack.

It took a while to find a Kohl’s in my area that still had them in stock but I finally found a location that had two left. Since I have an 11 year old boy in the house that wants the same tech gadgets I get I decided to buy one for him too. Unfortunately for me, one of the two was defective right out of the box, the calibration of the touchscreen was off by about a quarter of an inch. I gave the 11 year old, Techie Jr., the good one while I have to suffer empty handed. But, that is not the end to that story, I’ll tell you more in a moment. For now I will state that I was able to get in contact with Pandigital customer service and they will be sending me out a replacement to swap out in which I should receive within the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, I have to suffer a little bit longer without a tablet to read comic books on.

As for the Pandigital Novel Techie Jr. has in his possession, I have been researching around for means of loading custom made Android flavors to install on his device. Most of the information I had found is on If you are not familiar with the Pandigital Novel, it comes with a OEM version firmware that comes with a generic Barnes & Noble ereader user interface with no access straight into Android. It looks something like this:

Where the standard interface of Android looks something like this:

The difference is that with a straight Android experience I can install applications (like B&N Nook and Droid Comic Viewer) whereas with Pandigital’s ereader interface I cannot.

I will have to be patient a little longer as I wait for the replacement to arrive. Once it does I will then try to post some videos of it running the Nook application and Droid Comic Viewer application.

But, I want to state, that this is not exactly the Android tablet I am looking for. The ideal Android tablet I want is one with a 10″  capacitive screen (where the Pandigital has a resistive), is relatively fast and is under the $300 price tag. I don’t think that will happen anytime soon so I will try to enjoy this cheap product until that time comes.

2 thoughts on “Finally, I have an Android tablet

  1. Ed – I had the same device for about 2 weeks and sent it back. It was slow and I didn’t like the capacitive screen or the interface. Like you I was looking for direct access to the Android OS. To tell you the truth, I was looking for a iPad running Android OS with Bluetooth, SD Slot and Camera.

    I’m interested in checking out the new Motorola XOOM.

  2. The Xoom will be overpriced. Motorola needs to get a clue and drop the price at lease $350.
    This device was cheap at $60 so it will be enough for me until something good and affordable comes out.

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