Origami Unicorn

A few days late but I wanted to post my winning a free t-shirt from Last Exit to Nowhere.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered two Blade Runner t-shirts from them. If you’ve never heard of Last Exit definitely check out their site catalogue of movie t-shirts. I love their stuff. I had already ordered their Nexus 6 t-shirt last year so this time around I ordered the red Off World Colonies and Origami Unicorn shirts.

Last week on Twitter Last Exit to Nowhere held a contest to post pictures of customers in their t-shirt.

Here is what I submitted:

Blade Runner unicorn shirt from Last Exit to Nowhere.

Lucky for me I won. Since I already had a few t-shirts from Last Exit I let Techie Jr. choose the free t-shirt. He chose a shirt from High Fidelity only because the shirt had a monkey on it, he has never seen the movie.

Huge thanks to the guys at Last Exit to Nowhere. Check out their site and follow them on Twitter.

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