Go Away, 3D

I am really sick of all the 3D movies Hollywood is shoving down our throats. It’s just a gimmick that attempts to draw more money out of our pockets, it’s “snake oil”. What’s worse is that the mainstream public hasn’t caught on to the trick and are handing over extra money that Hollywood doesn’t deserve. And when the mainstream public continues to be blind, Hollywood will not get the clue and will go right on selling “snake oil”.

I will admit that there have been some movies that I have paid extra money for the 3D experience, but lucky for me they were actually good 3D movies. The first was back in 2007 for the all CGI story of Beowulf. And I will have to also admit that it was a pretty decent experience. The other worthy experience was Avatar in 2009 – although the story was really weak but the visuals were really breathtaking. I guess the point I am making is that maybe 1% of the 3D movies out there are possibly worth the experience, if you have the extra money to throw away. Those movies that were filmed or created originally in 3D and not in post-production can be worthy of consideration for viewing.

A friend of mine over at The Unique Geek listserv found a really good article at Tech Republic that sums up the Hollywood scam better than I ever could. I encourage you to read this article and stop being duped, as the article is so aptly named.

Read it here: Stop being duped by the 3D scam

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