Neverending Story Scenes

I recently discovered a really cool Tumblr blog that has some extremely clever and crafted animated gifs from movie scenes and has now become my new favorite site. The site can be found here:

If We Don’t, Remember Me.

This motivated me to find out how to create my own animated gifs. It took some digging but I finally found a forum post over at the Ubuntu forums that has some really good steps on how to create an animated gif. The thread can be found here.

I am laying out the steps below, basically, the same as in the thread mainly so that in the future, if that thread disappears, I will have this post to reference again. So really, this post is mostly for my benefit.

To break it down this is what I do, keeping in mind that I am doing it from Linux Mint. I take a DVD, or ISO that is created from a DVD, and export it using Handbrake.  Then using the steps from the forum I ran this from the terminal:

mplayer -ao null -ss 0:57:32 -endpos 5 movie.m4v -vo jpeg:outdir=moviedirector

Then I open Gimp and select and open the first .jpg file I want to use in my clip. After, I then open the remaining files I want in my clip as layers in Gimp. If you want to resize the animated clip to something smaller this is when you scale the image after all the layers have been added. The next step is to save the file as a .gif selecting to save as an animation in the process. Immediately after in the export area I enable it to ‘loop forever’ and set the delay between frames anywhere between 55 to 75 ms, depending upon the scene. Then under frame disposal, ‘One frame per layer’ is selected from the drop down and ‘Use delay entered above for all frames’ and ‘Use disposal entered above for all frames’ are enabled. Then select Save.

Here is the first clip I created from 12 Monkeys.

And my second clip from one of my all time favorite movies, Blade Runner.

For the rest of the month of October, you can expect to find more animated gif scenes from horror movies here on my blog.

If you want to create your own animated gif and are not on Linux, I found quite a few helpful videos on You Tube of people creating animated gifs on Windows and OS X.

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