ICE! ICE! Baby

I took the family to Gaylord Palms in Orlando this past weekend to see the ICE! experience that they hold each year during the holidays. Because the price has always been so expensive, I have not had the opportunity to see this wonderful exhibit in the past. This year I was able to get a deal through work that was close to half off for all three of us. It was an neat experience and good time well spent with the family.

From Gaylord Palms ICE 2011

Since Gaylord Palms claims the temperature is 9 degrees F, I had to pull my winter clothes out of storage that I only wear, maybe, once every five years. And, on top of that they require you to wear a big thermal coat. It’s been, probably, more than twenty years since I’ve been in weather that was below 15 degrees F so my memory is a little foggy on the matter but to me it didn’t feel any colder than 25 degrees.

As you can see from the Photo Gallery and the web site link, the theme this year was Shrek. Not being a Shrek fan it was kind of annoying going through the whole exhibit and seeing nothing but Shrek scenes. My partner and her nephew had visited the exhibit in the past and they stated it was never like this and has been better in the past. For me, I would have definitely enjoyed something like A Charlie Brown Christmas theme or just plain old ice sculptures as seen at the end of the exhibit. But, I can’t complain too much since I hadn’t paid full price.

If you are in the Central Florida area this holiday season and enjoyed the Shrek movies, then this exhibit will be worth the visit. If you are not a Shrek fan, like me, then I would recommend checking it out next year and hope they have something different.

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