Cloud Music

Okay. I’ve tried using Amazon Cloud/Player and really like the features especially for Android. I especially like the fact that when I buy music from Amazon, which I have been doing for a couple of years now, it is automatically added to my Amazon Cloud storage and made available to me to play through the cloud player on my computer and my Android device and gives me the option to download it later to my computer. I can also upload songs that I did not purchase from them from my computer without having to upload my entire library. I can select a specific song or even an entire album. It’s pretty convenient.

I decided to give Google Music a try and I wasn’t happy with the Music Manager. While with Amazon I have the option of just uploading certain albums, Google Music Manager wants to upload my entire library without giving me the option to only upload what I want to upload. Yes, I could probably just point it to a folder that only has a specific album or albums but that’s retarded. I do like the Google Music Player for Android though. It’s actually a very nice looking application. I haven’t found anything wrong with the Amazon Music Player. It’s really just a basic player.

I know it may be convenient to just upload the entire library in one sitting but not for me. I have over 10,000 songs that equals close to 50GB and an upload pipe of only 1.85Mps. One, trying to upload all the data clogs my pipe. Two, it would take easily 4 to 6 days to upload my entire library. And using up all that bandwidth in those days would be quite annoying. Now, if Google wants to come over to my house and give me their Google Fiber it would make everything so much better.

I think for now, until Google makes some changes to their music manager, I will stick with Amazon’s Cloud music service.