That last post worked to my liking, I just needed to add a dash to the end of the prefix to display when the prefix ends and the blog title begins.

Sorry for all the tweets.

That last test worked

Okay, that last test seemed to work but the Twitter tweet was a little common and didn’t explain much, just posted a link back to the blog post without description. I changed a setting in the plugin to add a prefix. Hopefully this works to my liking.

Meet Oreo

Well, after months without a pet, since our 13 year old dog Roxy died back in September, we have a new addition to the family. Meet Oreo.

At two months old

I’ve never been much of a cat person having been raised with dogs all my life but I don’t mind cats too much. Correction: We had a cat once when I was in high school but it was an outside cat that never came inside, and I don’t remember us having it too long either.

At first, I protested us acquiring a cat since I didn’t think we were ready for a new pet but since meeting the cute little bugger I gave in. She’s been a delightful distraction from the stress of life.

Here’s a HD video of little miss Oreo I took with my new Flip UltraHD: