Post Opening Night

I just got back from eating out at a diner in Manhattan called Westway Diner on 9th Avenue between 43rd and 44th Avenue. It was around the corner from the theatre so we decided to go there for a bite to eat after the show. It was a good night. It was a good opening night for the play, for myself and everyone else. Sure, I missed a couple of lines in my big scene but I wasn’t the only one, so I didn’t feel so bad. One thing that really surprised me was that I wasn’t nervous or stressed at all before the show. I think I realized, with Chelby’s helpful pep talk today, that I was there to have fun and wasn’t trying to impress anyone. And it was fun. I am actually looking forward to the rest of the run of the play, just so I can have the chance to improve.

What an exciting adventure I am a part of in my life right now. It’s really difficult to explain in words how happy I feel right now.

First Day of the Trip – Before the Flight

It’s close to 4:30 a.m. and I’m fully awake. My alarm went off at 3:30 a.m. with one snooze button selection but I was able to get up to start my Monday at 3:40 a.m.
Right now I am drinking my coffee and catching up on the internet news going over the list of items in my head I need to take with me to New York. I believe everything is packed and ready.
I went over my lines last night with Chelby and I seem to have it all down pretty well now. We’ll just have to see how well, for sure, as tonight is my first rehearsal, most importantly, a dress rehearsal.
Chelby and I spent most of Saturday shopping for clothes for the play, shopping for my Fergus costume, if you will. Fergus is the name of the character I will be playing in the play (for details read this), a police detective type depicted in classic film noir. I was able to find a couple of good choices of black fedoras, a nice pair of black slacks and a white long sleeved shirt. I will be using a few choice ties that I already own to go with my costume.
Late afternoon yesterday, Chelby had a good idea of wearing a vest to go with my costume. I didn’t know what Simon would think of that but we went to a couple of places quickly to search for the item but had no luck. If Simon approves, I may shop a little more while in New York before the opening Wednesday night.
I will be leaving for the airport in about 45 minutes so I better hurry with the coffee and shower.

I have a part in the world

Just an update to my last post. I got word from Simon today that he wants me to play a small role in the performance. Needless to say I was totally shocked.

Of course, I am excited. I’ve never been in a play before, unless you want to count the parts I had in kindergarten. The most exciting thing about this first experience is that it will be – should I call it – an off-Broadway play right in the theatre district of Manhattan. BRILLIANT!

I need to thank Simon for having faith in me. I’ve acted before, if you call working as a gangster on the Great Movie Ride in Disney’s Hollywood Studios acting. But trusting me with this task, even if it is a small part, is something powerful.

The only difficult thing about this is that I will not be up there for all of the rehearsals. I did, however, change my plane reservation so that I would be up there until the 7th instead of leaving on the 5th. Getting there on the 30th will allow me a couple of rehearsals before the play starts on the 2nd. Crunch time!

New York State of Mine

I purchased my plane ticket to New York’s LaGuardia Airport today. I plan on staying a few days with my good friend, Simon, for a play he has written, produced and directing. The name of the play is Witch Prison. It should be a pretty exciting time; but when is New York not exciting.

His play runs from July 2nd through the 6th (details in that web link above) and I will be there June 30 through July 5th. I’m actually expected to help out with the production (lighting, stage help, or whatever and whenever I am needed) while I am there, which makes the trip that much more exciting. I can’t wait.

One other really cool thing about the trip is that I will be there for Independence Day. The play has an early showing that day so that it will be done in time for the night’s fireworks that, I am sure, will be occurring all around the island that is Manhattan, where the play will be taking place.

I’m pumped! I’ll be sure to post pictures and, possibly, video when I get back from the trip.

Recording New York

I just finished editing the video I made of my New York trip from a couple of weekends ago. I am such an amateur. Watching the video during the editing process almost made me sick from dizziness. I was out of control; the video was shakey and totally fast on the panning of everything I wanted to record in Manhattan. I have got to be more conscience of the recording and how it will be viewed once it is on DVD and screening on the television.
Chelby went with me this time to visit the Big Apple. Like last time, Simon was a generous host and allowed us lodging in his Brooklyn apartment. It was a total good time. Chelby had been to New York before with old friends from work (who live in New Jersey now) but only briefly and was not able to enjoy the many sites and residential experiences I had experienced so many visits before. We did a lot of shopping at vintage stores in Brooklyn and visited all the typical Manhattan stores that so many tourist experience. We tried to see Mary Poppins and The Lion King on Broadway, but we waited too late for both and was not able to get any good seats for Mary Poppins and The Lion King was sold out for many days.
After the first two days of shopping and rainy weather, our last day there was flat out perfect. Blue skies, 60 degrees and activities that did not involve shopping. We visited Central Park to check out the Central Park Zoo. Afterward, we made our way through Central Park toward The American Museum of Natural History. By evening time, we had walked a few good miles that also included the many floors of the museum. As I stated, it was a perfect day.
When the day arrived that we were flying out toward home, I was not happy. I hadn’t noticed until after we landed in Orlando that I was depressed. I honestly did not want to come back to Florida to the warm temperatures and mundane life. I did not want to leave the continuous excitement that is New York. Some day…some day I will call “the city that never sleeps” home.
I know one thing for sure, I will strive to be a better cameraman on my next visit.

Pictures from the trip