iPhone Apps

I’ve had a few family members and friends inquire about what applications I have on my iPhone. I figured it was past due posting this anyhow so here goes.

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1. The Simplify Media app is best if you want to have access to your music library everywhere you go without having to load everything on your iPhone.  Using the desktop application, I installed it, created an account and pointed the application to my music library. Now, I can listen to my music everywhere, even on the Edge network. What is also great about this is that I talked my sister into signing up for Simplify Media. We added each other to our friend contact list so, now, not only do I have access to my music library, I have access to hers also, and vice versa. Current Price: $5.99 (I paid $2.99 when it first came out for a temporary promotion)

2. Shopper is just a simple shopping list to remind me of items I need to buy at the supermarket or Target. One of the great features about this application, though, is that it has the capability to email your list to another person. Very handy when you need your significant other to pick up something for you. Current Price: $.99

3. Evernote is just that, a note taking application. Yes, the iPhone has its own notes application but Evernote is a hundred times more powerful. Evernote has the ability to sync your notes to the “cloud” so it’s safe from data loss. Not only does it sync your text notes, but it can also sync your voice notes and picture notes. I use Evernote quite regularly on my iPhone but the great thing about Evernote is that it is everywhere; I also have it on my iGoogle launch page on my browser to access. I’ve never used it before but there is also an application you can install on your computer. Current Price: Free

4. Tweetdeck is for people who use Twitter and has been ranked as the best Twitter client out there. Current Price: Free

5. Facebook, of course, is for Facebook users. Although I have a Facebook account I rarely visit. Most of my status information is fed from Twitter. I mostly use this application for when people comment on my status on Facebook and I need to comment back. Current Price: Free

6. Skype is an application that allows you to make VoIP calls and instant message to all your Skype friends, however it only works on a wi-fi connection. Current Price: Free

7. Tip Calculator is great for people who suck at math. I use it every time I eat out. Current Price: $.99

8. Google Mobile is perfect if you use a lot of the Google services. I use the Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Talk in this application quite regularly, and they work really well. I was especially shocked at how well the Google Talk portion worked. Current Price: Free

9. Flixster is for the movie fan who likes to check out film trailers and times at your local theater. Current Price: Free

10. I mostly use the Free RSS application to read my friends blogs. Mostly. Current Price: Free

11. RSS Player is perfect for listening to podcast. I love listening to tech podcast. There have been times when I have listened to all the podcast on my iPod in my car and do not have the newest episode of my favorite podcast that I then use RSS Player on my iPhone to begin listening the to next episode. Current Price: $.99

12. Backgrounds is something my sister introduced me to. It just allows you to download wallpaper backgrounds for your iPhone. My sister found this background for me from the application. Current Price: Free


13. WordPress application is for when I want to post a quick blog to this blog site. Current Price: Free

14. Audioboo is great for audio blogging. I have my Audioboo account tied to my Twitter account so that when I have no time to type a Tweet, I talk a Tweet. Current Price: Free

15. The Sims 3 is self explanatory. I don’t know why I bought it. I’ve played it just a few times and then lost interest. Current Price: $6.99

16. Wolfenstein 3D is a port of the classic first-person shooter game. Same for this, I’ve played it a few times and lost interest. It’s pretty difficult to play a FPS game on the iPhone. Current Price: $1.99

17. Sportacular is a fantastic application for sports fans. I use this quite often to check on NCAA Football scores, to see who is ahead in the current PGA tournament, or to see how the NCAA Basketball teams are fairing during March Madness. Current Price: Free

18. Air Hockey is also self explanatory. This is a great two player game when you are waiting in queue somewhere with a family member or friend. Current Price: $.99

When the Apple iPhone (and iPod Touch) application store first came out, I told myself that I would never buy an application for my iPhone, especially since most everything that was out then was free. Well, I seem to have given in to quite a few pay applications since, especially the $.99 apps as they have seemed so compelling.

For those of you that read this, and have an iPhone or iPod Touch, I would love to hear what you have on your device. Just post your list in the comments below.

Snow Leopard is Here

I pre-ordered Snow Leopard on Wednesday and received it through FedEx on its release day yesterday. Here is the upgrade process.

I found out after the install that the reason I was having audio problems is because my speaker plug was not in all the way.

The Leopard Has Spots

So I finally upgraded to OS 10.5 Leopard on my Macbook, even though I stated when it came out last year that I would not upgrade. I had every intention to only use Leopard if I decided to buy a iMac in the future. Well, I gave in.

I have plans to upgrade the hard drive in my Macbook to a 250GB drive since I found 100GB wasn’t enough; the drive doesn’t arrive until tomorrow. Since I was upgrading the drive I thought it would be the perfect time to upgrade to Leopard since I would be rebuilding my Macbook after all. Well, I couldn’t wait. I bought Leopard this evening with every intention to wait to install the OS when I installed the hard drive tomorrow evening but my impatience got the better of me and I just finished upgrading.

So far as I can tell it’s just pretty. Yes, there are some minor improvements to some of the integrated applications that come with OS 10 like Mail, the Address Book, and iCal but what I am most interested in trying out, and should be using the most of, is Spaces. Spaces is the utility that allows you to have multiple desktops giving you the power to have multiple applications open in separate desktops. Example: I can have two desktops setup. One would have my web browser and iTunes open and the other would have a word processing application and a dictionary application open. It gives you the ability to work in several applications without cluttering up one desktop.

I still plan to install it again. Once I get the new hard drive in the mail I will be completing a fresh install of Leopard on my Macbook instead of an upgrade.

I love technology!

iPhone Woes

I recently decided to buy a new phone. I bought a Samsung Blackjack this time last year through AT&T and it has been a bumpy road since then. Don’t get me wrong, the Blackjack was a decent phone and I never really had any issues with it, except for the occasional crash while browsing the internet in the Windows Mobile version of Internet Explorer.
Because I am a technophile and a sucker for new technology, I decided to upgrade my Blackjack to Windows Mobile 6 back in February. Big mistake. Since then my Blackjack has had some major crashes that has caused me to miss phone calls, voice mails and text messages. Twice my phone was completely frozen when I got into weak signal areas that caused it to backtrack to the Edge network from its native 3G network functions. In those times, it was not until a few hours later when attempting to make a call and would not complete that I had to completely remove the battery to reboot the phone so that I could resume normal phone functions, like make a simple phone call. It was then that I discovered that I had missed all those phone calls, voice mails and text messages.
With this frustration came my decision to stop the madness and start shopping for a new phone, since my Blackjack had just become too unreliable. During my shopping is when I discovered that I wanted an iPhone, only because there weren’t really any great choices out there. Being a tech geek, I wanted these functions in a phone: the ability to text message with SMS, use a camera (since I had used it so much on the Blackjack), browse the internet completely and compose the occasional email. There were only a few phones I could use in the AT&T network that could perform these functions: a different phone with Windows Mobile 6, the Nokia N series phones (N95 and N810), and the iPhone. There is no way I will be buying another Windows Mobile phone and the Nokia N series phones are extremely overpriced; especially the N95. If you, reader, have been keeping up with my blog for the past few months you know that I have stated that I would never buy an iPhone (see iPhone Hype and iPhone Thoughts); for the most part it’s because of it being overpriced. Well since its release, the price has dropped and the capacity increased with 8GB and 16GB models.

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