Linux Mint 12 on Vostro V130 – Wireless fixed

If you read the last post you will know that I had an issue with the wireless card on my Dell Vostro V130 in Linux Mint 12. After visiting the Linux Mint forums and posting my wireless card information I was able to find the solution. The direct link to the thread can be found here.

To sum up, I found out my integrated wireless card was a Atheros AR9285 using this command in the terminal:

sudo /usr/lib/linuxmint/mintWifi/

When I posted it on the thread someone was kind enough to refer me to a different thread where, apparently, you have to run this command as su:

echo “options ath9k nohwcrypt=1” > /etc/modprobe.d/ath9k.conf

I rebooted my computer and it works perfectly now. Interestingly enough some people have had to run that command in Linux Mint 10 & 11 in which I found that my wireless card worked perfectly under Mint 11 without having to run that command.

Interesting beast is Linux.

Linux Mint 12 on Dell Vostro V130, in the Works

Linux Mint 12, code name ‘Lisa’, was released back in November. I put off trying it because of Gnome 3 that is included in the build. I haven’t been too pleased with the progression of Gnome in the past couple of updates so that is why I scorn the release of Mint 12. I did, however, give Mint 12 a chance in a virtual machine and that is as far as I gave it at that time.

Well the introduction of the Cinnamon interface that was announced back in January peaked my interest and opened the door to me giving Mint 12 another chance. So, at the beginning of the week I cloned my Vostro V130 with Clonezilla that had a dual build of Windows 7 and Mint 11 and decided to try the Mint 12 release on it. I loaded it side by side again with Windows 7, completed the updates as soon as it finished installing and then immediately installed Cinnamon. And, I love it. I love the Cinnamon interface. It is a vast improvement over Gnome 3.

I haven’t had too much time within Mint 12 itself as I am still in the process of troubleshooting a wireless card issue. It works but not well. My assumption is that the driver for my integrated wireless card that comes with Mint 12 is either corrupt or not a good driver. I have extremely slow performance using it. The integrated wired card works fine, no issues there so trying to fix this issue is top priority since I use wireless most of the time. Everything else on the laptop in Mint 12, so far, seems to work just fine.

I’ll post more later if and when I find a solution for the wireless issue.