Blog Moving

As per the last post, I was questioning whether I should continue paying for web hosting on my domain as I have done for almost 7 years or move to a free service on Well, if you were redirected successfully from my old site then you will notice that I have moved.

If you go back to some old post and find some of the media missing I will gradually be going back to fix those issues. It may take me a while to move the blog completely being that there is over 6 years worth of blog post. If you find something that I haven’t fixed please send me an email via that Contact form on my About page with the date and post heading information.

Should I Move My Blog

I’ve been considering not renewing my web hosting on GoDaddy when it comes up for renewal this fall. I’ve had this site since 2006 but I don’t really blog that often, most of my posting these days are posted on Google+. It’s not really worth the money to pay for web hosting especially when I can post the occasional blog post on the free WordPress site. Of course, I would still pay for the domain since it’s cheap and still use the email for some things.

We’ll see.