Bluetooth Fix In Linux Mint 11/Ubuntu 11.04

In the video in my last post on the Dell Vostro V130 with Linux Mint 11 I mentioned that everything worked except for Bluetooth. Well, apparently this was a known bug and was fixed back in April. Here is a direct link to the bug (#714862):

The section to pay attention to is comment #10 here:

Be sure to download and install both packages attached to the bug list on the right side. I will also provide direct links to the downloads below.

Atheros dkms driver

Dell dkms driver

Here are the simple steps from the bug link:

1. install the latest kernel image and kernel header
sudo apt-get install linux-image-2.6.38-8-generic linux-headers-2.6.38-8
2. download dkms packages from the right column and install them  (after downloaded ar3011-dkms_1.1ryu2.3_all.deb and dell-laptop-dkms_1.4_all.deb)
sudo dpkg -i ar3011-dkms_1.1ryu2.3_all.deb dell-laptop-dkms_1.4_all.deb
3. run "dkms status" to see if there are the following info(or just paste the result here)
dell-laptop, 1.4, 2.6.38-8-generic, x86_64: installed  ar3011-dkms, 1.1ryu2.3, 2.6.38-8-generic, x86_64: installed
4. you don't need this step if you have the info that step 3 describes  (paste the result of the following commands here)
1. cat /proc/version_signature
2. dpkg -l | grep linux- | grep ^ii
3. ls /usr/src

The steps worked for me without needing to proceed to step 4 and I was able to connect to my OG Droid and transfer files.

Good luck.

I should also give credit to Joe who posted the link in my last post in the comments.