Tricks But No Treats

This year has turned out to be a pretty bad Halloween season for me.  I was in pain for most of last week leading up to the holiday with possible gallstones (I say possible because the doctor was not quite sure but gave me medicine for gallstones that seemed to fix it) and right now it is warm and rainy in Central Florida.

To add to the tricks, I’ll leave you with a clip from a pretty horrible Halloween movie.

Happy Halloween!

Maddening Images

Here’s another attempt at an animated gif from one of my favorite horror movies. John Carpenter’s In the Mouth of Madness. When I first saw this film in the theaters back in 1994 it kind of creeped me out. And I don’t scare easily from films.

My only issues so far with creating these animated images is that I haven’t found a way yet to fine tune the clarity. The image you see above is not as clean and crisp as the source.