Linksys E2000 Router Dead

Well, for a little over a year I have been using a Linksys E2000 running DD-WRT with no issues, until last Tuesday. I came home and had no internet connection. Even attempting to connect to wireless was pointless, the SSID I had setup over a year ago didn’t even appear. I tried rebooting the router but still had no access to the internet. Even rebooting my cable modem didn’t help. I then attempted the 30/30/30 reset per the DD-WRT guide to get to the default setup. Once this was completed I plugged in my laptop and was able to get an IP address, so this indicated DHCP was working on the router. I tried pinging the router and came up with “Destination Host Unreachable”, then a couple of “Request timed out” and then “Destination Host Unreachable” again. So, based on this I assumed there was some issue with the router and not DD-WRT, since DHCP was working. I posted to the DD-WRT forum but, unfortunately, did not get a lot a feedback.

In the meantime, I had an old Linksys router I had received from being a Vonage customer years ago and plugged it in just so the household could get on the internet. Unfortunately, it did not have Wi-Fi so there were some limitations in our household LAN, mostly not being able to print to our wireless printer.

So, needless to say, I had to order a new router. I shopped around doing research as I went along and found the best option for me was the Cisco (Linksys) EA2700. I found and ordered it on Amazon for $84. Luckily for me, I had just joined Amazon Prime so I was able to get it next day for just $4 for shipping.

As of today, DD-WRT does not have an image for the EA2700, which I am fine with. I think I will keep it running the Cisco image just in case a year down the road I have hardware issues again. That way, maybe, Cisco will be able to assist me with getting the router functioning again, if there is an issue like I had with the E2000.