Apple iPhone Hype

Believe it or not, I am so sick of hearing about the iPhone. Despite being a total Apple fanboy and a techie, I am still sick to death of hearing about it. It has been discussed so much for the past few weeks on almost every technology podcast that I listen to, and it is the topic of all columnist on all the technology news feeds that I get on my Google RSS reader that it has drove me to complete irritation.
We now have about three more days before the release (6:00 p.m. on June 29th) and I couldn’t be happier. Not because I am excited that it is being released but because once it is out, maybe we will stop hearing about it so much.
Leave it to the media to beat a subject into the ground so much that you begin to hate the topic, or product, vehemently.

[iTunes was playing “Nessun dorma” by Pavarotti while I was writing this.]


1 thought on “Apple iPhone Hype”

  1. But, the i-Phone is going to revolutionize the industry, etc. Hopefully other phone makers will start making phones with really cool features.

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